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Lander Media Stock is an online stock photo service built for Colorado Springs businesses who care about showing off the best of our city and doing world-class marketing.

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Our subscribers have unlimited access to a huge database of breathtaking and regularly updated Colorado Springs images taken by all of the most well known local photographers, as well as support and tips for their marketing staff to tell the best story possible about the value their business brings to our city.

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  • The stock listing service is fast and easy to use. I thought the pricing was fair and competitive with other services. Thanks for sharing your talent with us. We look forward to continuing to use Lander Stock images!

    Patrice Lehermeier
    Patrice LehermeierCommunications Manager, Chamber & EDC
  • Using Lander Stock for our website was a breeze. Licensing isย so simple and straight forward, and as a result you can see quite a few Lander Stock pictures of downtown Colorado Springs on the new QUAD website. I think the images really make the site!

    Jake Eichengreen
    Jake EichengreenExecutive Director, QUAD Innovation Partnership

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A City-Wide Project

By joining Lander Gallery you become a part of an incredible mission. With each new 3-year partnership commitment, we reach closerย as a community to these four projects. Our goal with these milestones is to inform and inspire citizens and local small businesses with the stories of our past to help us consider the bright future we are all responsible for designing for the city of Colorado Springs. Hover or tap over each milestone to read more.



With 5 partners weย began adding and tagging historical pictures of Colorado Springs that are in the public domain to the catalog and posting historical-and-present-day comparisons on social media.



At 10 partnerships we were able to add other photographers’ imagery to the catalog, making Lander Gallery a one-stop shop of beautiful Colorado Springs imagery by many local photographers.



With 20 partners we’re able to begin digitizing Palmer’s plan for the city and putting it online, as well as interviewing city leaders to document and catalog our city’s story.



With 50 partners we’ll set up online live streams of our favorite views in town and post high-resolution pictures of those views during each sunrise, sunset, and throughout the day.

The Importance Of Imagery

  1. Facebook reports ads with images receive twice as many clicks as any other kind of post (including video!)
  2. More than half of shoppers say a product’s imagery is more important than product-specific information, customer reviews, or a long description.
  3. 60% of customersย say that they’re more likely to purchase from aย business that regularly uses unique,ย high-quality imagery, especially in local search.
  4. Pages with beautiful images receive 94% more views