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LANDER is a strategy consultancy
cleverly disguised as a media production house.

We believe one thing above all others:
Profitable, scalable, predictable marketing isn’t rocket science.

It’s dead simple.

We design and produce attention-catching stories, and we get those stories in front of the right people for our clients.

It’s our job to figure out the compelling secret behind the work you’re doing, and then help you tell that story beautifully to help you reach your goals.

But before we work together we want to know if those goals are inspiring enough to be worth 10xing.

We’ve produced everything from pictures and videos to custom-built software applications. From masterminds & conferences to national advertising & PR campaigns.

We can use any tools necessary.
What matters are the outcomes we’ll generate together.

So what are your goals?

Oh, you want examples of our work?
Case studies about our sucess?

Dream bigger.

“Shoot for the moon, and you’ll land among the stars” they say.

Sure, we’ll show you our best work – but how about we raise you one: we’ll also show you how you can 10x your audience, too.

What if your hard work had 10x the impact? What if people finally started noticing what you’ve been up to on their own? What if your work really caught peoples attention, made headlines, and turned heads?

What if as a result, even more people started noticing and celebrating the imact your work is generating?

What would your coworkers say?

What would your family say?

How would it change your life and your mission?

Don’t settle for landing among the stars. Land on the moon.

We work with clients who are brave enough to shoot for the moon and actually get there, that’s why we’re called LANDER.

Let us show you what we do:

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